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Shelita Burke - New Single "Belong"

Shelita Burke

Shelita Burke's critically acclaimed debut EP Transfixed reached #14 best selling album on Amazon the first week of its release. With mentions from NPR, KEXP and AXS, this is one artist to look out for. "A few years ago, Seattle based singer-songwriter Shelita Burke left her job and possessions behind and took off to Europe. In true Bohemian spirit, with little more than a guitar and an unwavering belief in her self-described emotional art music, Burke set out on a one woman adventure. “I’ve created this all myself, driven by the simple notion of putting my finger on a place on the world map and saying, ‘I want to go there,’ traveling with only my music. It’s exciting to explore and learn from so many different cultures while playing my music for so many different audiences.” Finding that her music was globally well-received, Burke returned to the States to work on her first release. Her impressive six track debut EP, Transfixed, is available now. Transfixed is a breath of fresh air, this EP shows emotion like none other.

Shelita's new Single Belong is a smash hit, what a follow up ! "Sweet and Pretty", this track is very original, with witty sounds and a rhythm to make you move, which brings us to the conclusion why she "Belong, Belong, Belong" in the world of artistry. Shelita's new single has Top the charts with over 250,000 listens on spotify. For a second she made me feel sweet & pretty with this groove, don't stop the feeling Shelita Burke The music industry needs you to survive. i am swimming in your river of happiness. who says no to happiness? your love is succulent bliss

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