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Blake Fades: Michael Phelps

When you think of Ardmore, Ok what is the first thing that comes to mind? It's hard to come up with something right? Well, the small Oklahoma town just 100 miles north of Dallas has produced an unprecedented artist that is making new moves in the industry. Blake Fades formerly know as Fame Frasier as been making music for several years now, but is recently breaking in the main stream with his hit single Michael Phelps. Blake Fades made his name in Oklahoma being featured on several mixtapes & songs, also performing for small colleges across the state. His most recent mixtape Swim Tape has gain popularity in the recent months with over 100,000 plays & engagement on social media.

With a move to Dallas & with the help of DJ TFitzz, Blake Fades was introduced to more opportunities that catapulted his career to the mainstream. Blake Fades has recently signed to MMG super producer Beat Billionaire's label Billion Dollar Market. Beat Billionaire produced his latest track Michael Phelps which already has over 8,000 plays on SoundCloud in just 1 day. The track is everything Blake, this party/club track will sure to have you bouncing & turning up your radio. The flamboyant & persuasive track convinces you that Blake Fades & his crew are the crew to be with with if you want to party. The production from Beat Billionaire complements Blake's laid back & authentic but cocky rap style. Blake Fades is sure to make more noise in the industry with this latest move, so be on the look out for more material from this up & coming young artist.

To learn more about Blake Fades you can follow him here @blakefades.

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