• Bruce Leroy Jenkins

F.A.M.E "Swish" (New Video)

New Los Angeles group F.AM.E. drops new visual to hit single Swish.

F.A.M.E is now one of my favorite groups, versatility at its finest! Swish F.A.M.E just scored with this new music video! Drugs and love, that's two potions mixed which equals Dilemma... Its a War on love and a desperate need for it's drug. When Michelle sings, she enlightens the fellas, "Baby you fine but times up, time to make your damn mind up or I'm packing and leaving..Swish. Chad Future, very witty with the words, sleek with the ladies. Langston shows us his competitive skills when it comes to holding a note and being camera ready. Each artist in F.A.M.E's Swish video, stood out in their own unique way, I could differentiate the style of each talent, which makes this group easy to love, but hard to hate. With all the colors and glowing lights, well dressed cast, and great quality footage, I recommend it, and would like to announce one of the most versatile groups of our era today. You can learn more about F.A.M.E. by visiting their website at www.fameworldwide.com

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