• Bruce 'Leroy' Jenkins

Revo: Hunter EP

From Border Lines to Beautiful Butterflies, Revo keeps their promise to deliver grooves of soul piercing alternative rock. Electrifying, live electronics, percussion, and soothing vocals run through your veins so deep, you could feel each emotion crying out to the world, emotional roller coaster it is. "Shooting arrows in the dark, because I'm a Hunter and I need to feed for my heart". I would say Revo's Hunter EP is by far one best EP'S of the year, no one wants to be hunted, when you can be a hunter.

REVO creates a fresh mixture of alternative rock, live electronics and groove, combined with high energy vocals and sound effects. With two perfectly coordinated electric guitars, a tight rhythm section, swift fingers on the keyboard and live programming. REVO creates a relentless world of sound, led by lead vocals that maneuver between the hard and the soft, in a lyrical journey of endless emotions and stories about human beings. Visit www.revo-music.com

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