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Are You KonFiident?

When you think of a new sound, you think of something unique, fresh, & genius. That is what KonFiident brings with the release of his new song What You Know About Love feat. Tory Lanez.

Tobi Sosanya born (August 09, 1994) better known by his stage name KonFiiDent was born in Nigeria and later moved to Canada in 2003. As a youth he was exposed to various types of music such as Hip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz. By the age of 11, Tobi began to write songs and record music at home with a computer microphone. Growing up the “Everything I Wanted” artist took lots of criticism for his music and he had to continue to prove his naysayers wrong. It would take more than some silly haters to stop KonFiiDent’s drive and determination; he kept pushing out music because he knew one day he would be recognized as a major artist. The name “KonFiiDent” comes from the word confident which describes Tobi, He took on the moniker of KonFiiDent from an article he read titled “Be Confident in Yourself.” KonFiiDent reps the city of Toronto and is coming strong into the game with catchy singles and memorable music videos. Apart from the local talent that surrounds KonFiiDent, his musical influences include artists like; Rick Ross, Michael Jackson, Notorious BIG, and Nipsey Hussle. Although KonFiiDent gains inspiration from such artists, his sound is all his own because originality is a big part of who he is musically. In early 2011 KonFiiDent was discovered by Jacobi ‘JG’ Guyton, a Tampa, Florida based manager who saw a great potential in the young artist. He was immediately offered a recording deal with up and coming recording label “BangKok Records LLC” out of Tampa, Florida. After a brief meeting in Miami, FL the label began working on developing KonFiiDent as a full-fledged Emcee/ Recording Artist. KonFiiDent is scheduled to release a numerous amount of new music and mixtapes in the Fall of 2014. The Canadian Hip-Hop star is currently in the studio working on new music and preparing for international show dates. You can follow this start on all his social media sites here @KonFiident

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