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Black Star: Grand National

Grand National is everything Oklahoma City. From his music, style, & persona you can't help but be drawn into what is means to be from from the eastside of OKC. The creative side to his music is what makes him stand out from other artists in the area. In his latest video Black Star feat. Ellesse & Kemp, he displays an eccentric screenplay of the life in the streets of Oklahoma City. The video features the story of young black men dying in Oklahoma City due to homicide from their own kind. The song sheds light of this growing issue not only in Oklahoma City but other urban areas in the US. However, Grand National gives a positive outlook that he just wants to see his fellow race shine & the killing needs to stop. Eastside Delicacy is a term that he uses in this video in which he uses to describe how authentic this eastside OKC culture is. The slow, funky production of the songs gives you the laid back vibe from the onset of the song. Ellesse also provides a catchy chorus that will keep you listening to this song over & over. "This video is dedicated to everyone we lost in these past years and to anyone that has lost anyone too soon to senseless violence. We must stop this, I know it sounds like a beating a dead horse, but the shit has to stop" - Grand National 2016

More on Grand National: Ronnie Johnson, better known as Grand National, was born and raised in Oklahoma City, the son of a single mother who was working her way through nursing school. He began his hip-hop career in 2008 and after warming up with mixtapes, he released his full-length debut, Grand Prix, in Spring 2015. His latest album, Eastside Delicacy, will be released in August 2016. Grand National also has done of number of singles & features which you can listen to on his SoundCloud. For more information on Grand National, you can follow him here @grandxnational or visit www.grandnationalliving.com

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