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New Pop Style: Man Made Time

Man Made Time is an up & coming indie pop duo from Los Angeles, CA. They just released there self titled EP Man Made Time, which has been getting great reviews! Listening to this EP, you can't help but embrace this new style of music. The duo is made up of Los Angeles natives Hilary Grace & Albert Babanian, who brings up the new style of music to listen to. This EP embodies the evolution of pop music in the 21st century, with its futuristic persona.

“Dancing in the dark with nobody by my side/ after trying to get you to see me in the light,” Man Made Time’s Hillary Grace croons on their newly released single, Sail Away, as Albert Babanian provides an almost ethereal electronic tune that somehow has listeners instantly tapping along to the beat. Along with Sail Away, their self-titled EP includes 4 other songs, including Crashing Down & Voices. Following in the footsteps of Sail Away, the other tracks on the EP are filled with Graces’s enchanting, melodic vocals and Babanian’s electric tunes. The duo's strongest moment comes in the chorus of the final track Dalia, where you literally can’t help but nod your head and hum along. Although their EP clearly establishes their sound, never do the tracks become repetitive. The lush sounds and beats provide the perfect soundscape for the vocals, and Grace’s melodies and knack for catchy hooks consistently sound fresh throughout the first listen of Man Made Time’s self-titled EP.

They also released a fresh, eccentric new visual for there hit single for Sail Away back in October. The video is greatly edited & unique in its own fashion. This visual portrays exactly how the EP is eclectic & new! You can view the video on YouTube which now has well over 2,000 views. This group is also all over social media, you can follow them here on Instagram @manmadetime. But guess what, we did not leave you hanging, you can listen to there EP below on Soundcloud. These unique characteristics of this duo mastermind as the driving force behind a new electronic pop sound that will only become more popular in time. So don't let this EP leave your ears, don't forget about Man Made Time, this duo will sure bring more good music in the near future!

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