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Obinna Okere: Embrace The New Sound

Soundcloud has a collection of artists everyday trying to get noticed, hoping someone important hears their music for the first time, with a shot at making it big. Not too often do you run across artists who have that potential & ambition to really make it in this competitive music industry. Well, we found one, Obinna Okere is an R&B artist who has a new style of music, it is evident that he embraced a new sound we have never heard before. Obinna Okere, affectionately known by his stage name “Obinaa” began his professional career in entertainment during his freshman year of college. Obinaa is a singer songwriter, from Houston Texas . He is an all around artist who has worked diligently on cultivating his talent and vision.

A few months ago, Obinna released his debut EP called Work of Art, this classic but fresh EP displays this new sound we are embracing in every song. The first song Let It Go, features an African melodic undertone that gives you a great feeling! This is more of a dance song, a great song to dance to, especially with your loved one! This is just really a happy song, if you are not in a good mood after listening to this song, then something is deeply wrong with you. This song from the onset gives you the vibe of the full EP you are about to listen to. The second song, Wild Heart, is more of your traditional R&B song, his high melodic chords over the underlying synthesized music cultivates your ears. Again, this is more of a dance song, that will have you moving quickly, not wanting to sit down at all. The final song, Work of Art, has more of a rock feel to it. Obinna meshes r&b and rock all in one, the song definitely reminds me of something the legend Prince would do. In the middle of the song, there is a great electric guitar solo to accompany the essence the song's rock feel. This is the new sound we are talking about, something different, fresh, & genius.

Obinaa notes that he is inspired by anything that 'feels real, soulful and timeless'. His musical Influences are rooted in the early 90's music era and anything before his time. However he declares to be out the box when it come to creating music that matters. "I am mostly inspired by culture and mankind. I have an affinity for ancient history as well as the future. I like to keep an open mind to any and everything when creating music to tell a story". If you want to find out more about this new artist, you can follow him here @officialobinna

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