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Mixtape Review: Nued Maj - 2 Cups

From the streets of Oklahoma City, we are introduced to up & coming rap artist Nued Maj. The recently released mixtape, 2 Cups EP gives us a taste of where the new wave of young rap artists from OKC are headed. By looking at the cover art, before even listening to the tape, you get a sense of detail and patience which transcended in his music. The 10 track EP is laced with slow, 808 infused beats that makes you raise your cups & endlessly bob your head. The lyrics & flow marries the beats with a melodic undertone edginess of pride. In the track, What You Want, he tells you exactly who he is, where is from, & where he is headed. The song focused on blowing money, drug use, & partying, all the essentials of a young rap artist. This song is live, raw, Nued Maj doesn't hold back on telling you what he is thinking. Track Get It And Go feat. Fre$hjay is more of a party track that will having your jumping & bobbing your head at the onset of the track. This upbeat song is has college kids spilling cups & shoulder shrugging in club everywhere, this is a DJ must to be added to their playlist. Gabbi G. is featured on the song 2 Cups as Nued Maj flows over the mixtapes' self-titled song. Gabbi G sings the hook which gives you a sense of a neo-soul high that keeps listening to this track. In this track, Nued Maj lyrics are focused on for his love of slim thick women & lean. In track 9, Way Too the mood is definitely changed on his flow. This track & flow is street, gang, & raw definitely represents on how his mood will change if you cross him the wrong way.

Nued Maj is definitely an artist to watch in the music industry, as we are sure he as more great music in store for his current fans & new listeners. You can listen to the full mixtape here https://soundcloud.com/nuedmaj/sets/2-cup-ep

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